Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: What is Optincall and why should I join?

    Answer: Optincall is a mobile telephone service connecting advertisers with consumers to discuss products and services consumers want to learn more about and buy within the next 90 days. Optincall members should only request calls for products or services they are interested in purchasing. You should join Optincall because it conveniently puts you in direct contact with vendors of only those products in which you are interested, and protects your privacy and personal information. You will be anonymously connected with Optincall’s advertisers. You are in charge of when you receive calls, how many completed calls you will have each month, what products you are called about, and how much information, if any, you share with the advertiser. And you are rewarded for the time you spend taking calls and researching the products, whether or not you end up buying anything.
  2. Question: How does Optincall save me time?

    Answer: Instead of trying to research services over the Internet, such as travel packages, insurance, remodeling services, or other products or services, wouldn’t it be faster and easier to be able to speak with the vendor directly? No more filling out forms and waiting for someone to get back you; no more wading through irrelevant FAQs and website links. Wouldn’t it be faster and easier to get answers to specific questions you may have by speaking to someone, rather than trying to find them on a website or in a promotion that only provides general information on a product? Also, if you know you want to comparison shop, and you want to do research on a weeknight or early morning on a Thursday, wouldn't it be faster to let the vendors call you? You don’t need to lift a finger in research or guessing about the best keywords to type or which ads to click on; all you need to do is answer your phone.
  3. Question: How do I get rewarded for joining Optincall?

    Answer: We all know time is money. You rarely get paid for researching which product or service to buy, but you likely spend a fair amount of time doing that research. By using Optincall’s service, you will receive a small amount of rewards for each advertiser with whom you speak, and you will be eligible for discounts and sweepstakes as well. Your rewards will accumulate and may be converted to cash or gift cards. Optincall also sponsors sweepstakes and provides other rewards, which change over time and vary in amounts – you may check your rewards page for program details after you register. Of course, you will also save time and money by using Optincall for smart and efficient shopping.
  4. Question: What if I get too many calls or unwanted calls? Will you stop calling me if I no longer want to participate?

    Answer: You are in complete control of how many completed calls you will have per month, what time you are called, and what products or services will be discussed on the calls. If you are unavailable to answer or complete a call which is made to you by an Optincall advertiser, it will not count as a “completed” call and will not count towards your monthly calling cap, so you will still have an opportunity to complete a call with an advertiser and have your questions answered later in the month. You will know through your Caller ID whether or not the call is from an Optincall advertiser. You register your mobile phone number with Optincall and we will only call within the guidelines you have established. You may suspend calls, change your number, end your participation or update your calling preferences, any time you wish by logging onto your Optincall Internet account. Optincall will not call you unless you have registered your mobile phone number with us and provided specific instructions on when and how often to call, and what products or services you want to discuss.
  5. Question: How can you protect my privacy when an advertiser is calling me directly?

    Answer: Optincall does not disclose your name, address or registered mobile phone number to Optincall advertisers, without your express permission. Our advertisers utilize our proprietary, anonymous calling platform to contact you. We designed our platform to hide your identity and only let the calling advertiser know that you are interested in their products or services. You may permit us to share your first name with advertisers if you want a more personalized experience, and of course, once you are speaking with an advertiser, you may share with them any information you wish. The point is, we won’t tell them how to get back in touch with you; our platform empowers you to control who, how and when you are anonymously called by advertisers.
  6. Question: Is there any kind of charge or fee to join Optincall?

    Answer: Optincall is free for consumers to use; there is no membership charge or fee.
  7. Question: What if I change my phone number or leave on vacation or what if my interests change – will you keep calling?

    Answer: You can easily change your mobile phone number or suspend calls to your registered phone number by updating your account at any time. There is an easy to use Account Summary page which shows your registration information as well as the categories in which you have noted interest. As you purchase goods and services or change your mind about your interests, you may change the product categories you are interested in and delete the ones you no longer care about. It’s very simple and easy.